Divisione Protagonista FW16What is that woman want from fashion nowadays? It’s not simply to wear the latest styles because today everyone interested in fashion can afford to buy if not the first lines of the big names in the industry than the ready to wear collections. Now, when the world have become so small and with the help of social media and Internet we can practically find any brand anywhere. But with the big variety comes also the big demand. Worldwide customers have become very picky and pretentious when it comes to choosing their clothes. How we look is not only a display of our social status but it also shows our individuality and character. The main idea is not what we wear but who we are.

The new collection of Divisione Protagonista for the fall/winter 2016/2017 clearly states the brand point of view – this a collection with minimalistic design, precise shapes, elegant details and fine fabrics that create a look which can’t stay unnoticed. The collection is a reflection of the modern woman’s lifestyle.

The designer Lina Tanev finds her inspiration in the dynamic rush of the big city where elegance and comfort go so well together. Native Bulgarian with a big passion for travel she combines parts of the traditional Bulgarian folklore costume with the mystique style of the Far East. Admiring the great work of the famous Bulgarian contemporary artist Christo she puts layer upon layer to create a symbiotic figure. The result is a look equally cherished in Europe and China, well comprehended in Russia or the Middle East.

The dynamic edgy shapes in the collection move from item to item some softened by delicate lace details and others showing off independence and strong character. Elegant mini dresses and semi transparent silk shirts emphasis charm and femininity thus showing the delicate nature of a woman. Symmetry and asymmetry blend in perfect equilibrium. It is all about controversy. The designer combines silk with wool, black with white, short with long. To oppose the obvious, to dare to show contrast – this is the woman of the day, and Lina Tanev really wants to catch that spirit. Her Divisione Protagonista woman is a dreamer – not sweet and naïve but smart, charming, elegant and confident.

Thus is why the designer chooses to combine garments in monochromic sets of ivory, grey-beige, black or creamy ash rose and grey – simple colors that underline strong characters. The pure femininity is not neglected either. Lace and silk details add a feminine touch in the pure minimalistic cuts. Innovative materials such as ultra light double knitted wool and wool neoprene are presented in the collection. Plain knits or one with lace embroidery are newly featuring for the season. In addition to this the fine tailoring and hand craftwork place the collection on the stage of refine boutique fashion.