• Divisone Protagonista SS/24

  • Divisione Protagonista SS/23

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  • Divisione Protagonista SS22

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  • Divisione Protagonista SS20

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  • Divisione Protagonista SS19

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  • Divisione Protagonista FW18

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  • Divisione Protagonista SS/18

    The new SS18 collection is an extensive line of lightweight fabrics in the plain color palette – from a soft blue and greyish tones to the timeless black patterns.

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  • Divisione Protagonista - FW17

    Warm or stylish, is the ultimate cold weather question. But why not both? There is a way to combine them and be fabulous! The new fall/ winter collection of Divisione Protagonista is here to prove that.

  • New collection Spring Summer 2017

    Light and bright is our motto for the warm season. The spring/ summer collection of Divisione Protagonista is here to make you stand out of the crowd with colors and asymmetric lines. The inspiration of the brand is simplicity and the surprising accents.

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  • The new collection of Divisione Protagonista for the fall/winter 2016/2017 clearly states the brand point of view – this a collection with minimalistic design, precise shapes, elegant details and fine fabrics that create a look which can’t stay unnoticed. The collection is a reflection of the modern woman’s lifestyle.

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  • Divisione Protagonista

    Creates contemporary and stylish fashion trends with pure lines and luxurious fabrics.

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  • The designer Lina Tanev finds her inspiration in the dynamic rush of the big city where elegance and comfort go so well together. Native Bulgarian with a big passion for travel she combines parts of the traditional Bulgarian folklore costume with the mystique style of the Far East.

  • Admiring the great work of the famous Bulgarian contemporary artist Christo Lina Tanev puts layer upon layer to create a symbiotic figure. The result is a look equally cherished in Europe and China, well comprehended in Russia or the Middle East.


Spring/Summer 2024

Divisione Protagonista

Launching in 2013 Divisione Protagonista has emerged onto the luxury fashion scene and has caught the glistening eye of the female fashion world. The desires of what a woman wants to experience when wearing a garment has been thought about with each piece to produce collections that define a womans personality.The true DNA of the brand is in the clear cuts, pure geometric shapes, basic colours and contemporary looks.Since launching the designer Lina Brankova Taneva has explored the various subtle layers of a woman’s character and taking inspiration from the exquisite nature that has surrounded Lina throughout her life, she has designed layering monocromic pieces made with luxurious natural fabrics such as pure silk, cotton and very fine wool.The Bulgarian born fashion designer embarked on her fashion career after having travelled the world as a model before graduating from university with a Journalism degree in 2002. Appearing in the likes of Bazaar, Elle and Cosmopolitan her styles have always resonated with avant-garde luxury fashion.

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