Divisione Protagonista FW17Divisione Protagonista presents its Fall/Winter 2017/2018 collection at Studio Finorossi , via Montenapoleone 1, Milano from February 8th till March 26th.

Warm or stylish, is the ultimate cold weather question. But why not both? There is a way to combine them and be fabulous! The new fall/ winter collection of Divisione Protagonista is here to prove that.

Geometric shapes and glamour are the keywords of this season. The designer Lina Tanevа stays true to the unconventional asymmetric lines in her classy way. Her inspiration comes from the surrounding; you just have to be open for spotting the details. In this collection, Divisione Protagonista demonstrates the brands’ minimalistic design allure.

Pastel shades and shimmering metallic are easily catching the eye with its enchanting simplicity. Designed for the lifestyle of the busy modern woman, the collection yet is engaging to never stop sparkling.